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Synergy BJJ is committed to providing a training environment that: 

  • Is safe for adults and children.

  • Free from harassment and abuse.

  • Strives for diversity

  • Promotes positive and respectful lifestyle behaviours.



  • Always be respectful to others.

  • Makeup, jewelry and piercings must be removed during training.

  • All training gear and bags should be left in the shelving space provided and off the mats and training areas.

  • When the instructor is demonstrating a technique, students should be listening and not talking or causing any distraction to the class.

  • Please refrain from offensive language in the academy.

  • Nails must be trimmed.

  • No shoes, food, gum, or drinks allowed on the mats.

  • Students must sign-in through the booking site prior to training.

  • Address all black belt instructors as Professor and all non-black belt instructors as Coach.

  • If you sustain an injury please notify the coach/Professor immediately during class.

  • Do not train if you are feeling unwell or have any infectious ailments.


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