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So pleased for our amazing youth crew! O


Our Youth Program promotes a healthy lifestyle in children through physical activity while building confidence with the empowerment of self-defence skills. The kids are taught fundamental and core techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) inside a safe and fun training environment. 

The youth in our program have the opportunity to enter a competitive arena via a number of grappling and BJJ tournaments held in Atlantic Canada. However, most kids choose to enjoy the benefits of training BJJ without competition, progressing up the ranks and receiving belt promotions based on their instructors assessments. 

At Synergy BJJ we recognize that children learn in different ways and at different paces; we adapt our teaching to meet the needs of each student. We offer advanced youth instruction through our Youth Competition class, for those that are interested. Regardless of their path, we support our kids whether they wish to compete or not!

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